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The Equestrian Reserve Riding School

If you are interested in signing up for lessons for the 2021-2022 school year, please email or

Our lesson program is designed to be a comprehensive educational program open to beginner through advanced riders.  We have developed numerous age appropriate introductory programs, an ongoing skill based four level lesson continuum certificate program, and advanced equestrian opportunities. An equestrian is skilled when she/he understands a wide range of aspects beyond just riding. Lifelong skills can be obtained such as assertiveness, determination, responsibility, a strong work ethic, leadership, respect, achievement, and self esteem, just to name a few.  Our goal is to develop well-rounded and well-educated equestrians who can not only ride well, but have horse management knowledge and skill and understanding of horses.  A leveled certificate program is offered to assure that knowledge and skills are mastered.

Lesson Programs

Fun With Ponies Program (ages 4-6)  

The Fun with Ponies Program is for children ages 4-6. We believe in starting young children only in a private lesson setting. During a one hour session children help lead, groom, tack their pony and ride with the instructor at their side. Basic riding skills including introducing the correct position for the rider, walking, steering, stopping, mounting and dismounting are taught. Each week a different activity is sent home to reinforce skills. Call to set up this private lesson.

For The Love Of Horses (ages 6-9) - Introductory Program

“For the Love of Horses” is an introductory program for 6-9 year olds offering children basic instruction in horse terminology, care, safety, grooming, tacking-up and on the ground handling of horses, and you don’t have to own a horse! This gives children a comfort level and a foundation in understanding the safety requirements necessary around horses.


The earlier portion of the sessions will be indoors in our barn. The other portion will be in the lower arena to “ride” a horse. Students will learn the basic seat and leg positions and how to hold the reins. They will learn how to shorten the reins to turn and stop the horse to know that they have proper control before taking regular riding lessons. At each session please have students equipped with appropriate outdoor clothing(long pants for riding days), riding boots if possible, and something to drink. Helmets will be provided for this introductory program.

Semi-Private Lessons (Younger and Beginner Riders)

Semi private lessons are held for a 75 minute block of time in our smaller arena for beginner riders. This program provides the close supervision and individual instruction to get the correct start as a beginner. Lessons are held weekly. Semi private lessons are held for a 75 minute block of time in our smaller arena for beginner riders. This program provides the close supervision and individual instruction to get the correct start as a beginner. Lessons are held weekly.

Group Lessons (children and youth ages 7-18)  Groups for ages 7-10, 9-12, 11-14, 13-16, 14-18

Group lessons are held for a 1 hour 40 minute block of time weekly and are offered at various times each day of the week. You will be amazed at our instructional style and all that is taught through our four level certificate program. Each level builds additional skills and challenges the rider. We invite you to come visit our lesson program and see that what we offer is unique to any other riding program around. Lessons are held weekly all year round. You only commit after you have had an opportunity to experience us! We want you to know this is the right place for you!

Competition Show Team Lessons

Two hour lessons taught to the AQHA standards for the following English Hunt Seat events to include:  Hunter Under Saddle, Hunt Seat Equitation, Hunter Hack, and Hunter Over Fences, and for the following Western Pleasure Events to include: Showmanship, Horsemanship, Trail, and Western Riding. Riders do not have to own a horse to be able to be a part of our show team.  Weekly show team lessons are set at established times. 

Adult Lesson Program

Our adult lesson program offers great flexibility with scheduling due to adults’ demanding schedules. Have you dreamed of riding and maybe never took the time to start or to get back into it? Join one of our small groups where we offer instruction at a fun and relaxed pace.  Lesson times available four times a week but come only as often as your schedule allows.

Advanced Training

Assistant Instructor Training  Often in collaboration with local high school work study internships.  Level IV Rider and show competition experience is the pre-requisite and then we provide the training and interning for instruction.

Earn Equestrian Scholarships   Training & development for college bound students.       

USEF Lettering Program   Earn your athletic letter with us for the United States Equestrian Federation Lettering Program.       


Other Interest Groups-Approved Programs

The following is only available on a limited basis. Please call 770-205-1230 for possibilities.

Girl Scouts We offer programs to local Girl Scout Troops to earn the Horse Fan and Horse Rider badges. 

Home Schooled Courses  Earn Science and PE credit.      

Church Groups  We offer camps and special events for organized church youth groups.            

Birthday Parties!           

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